Ouch House Diaries

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A Queen will always rise again after a fall. No matter how Ouchy that fall maybe. Boxing Day 2013 and Brighton DJ and RadioReverb presenter Queen Josephine is involved in a horrible accident. She ends up hospital with a fractured skull, broken elbow and her writing arm shattered in eight places. Little was going to raise her spirits as she lay recovering in the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Except perhaps pen and paper.

Resurrecting her love of cartooning Queen Josephine began chronicling her long recovery from surgery with the cartoon strip Ouch House Diaries. Left handed scribbles became right handed drawn delights as she used honesty and humour to deal with the trails, tribulations and occasional humiliations of her sick bed.

Aided and abetted by her two feline nurses Madge and Hubbell and partner-in-line Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine’s Ouch House Diaries tell the ordinary story of an an apparently ordinary queen with an extraordinary talent.

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Wildblood and Queenie are exactly what it says on the tin. (Almost.) DJs, freelance journalists, cartoonist and queer writer who likes to wiggle, campaign and disco. Like they do.

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