Queen Josephine. Its no lucky regal accident she’s got that title. She is the queen of Brighton’s DJs. A royal connoisseur of all things house, disco and electronica, Queen Josephine has become Dirty Sunset Disco‘s favourite lady of the decks, Wild Fruit‘s campest of DJs, Sunday Sundae’s sweetest of sunset soundtrack suppliers and RadioReverb‘s most revered of broadcasting beauties.

With a deck career that has included residencies and guest slots at some of the UK’s finest including Wild Fruit, DSD, Sunday Sundae, Disco Deviant, Rebel, Sirens, Pussycat Club, Muzika, Candy Bar, Mad Cow, Go Bang, Vintage, Big Love, Bang @ Floorplay, Brighton Pride, Matinee, Purple In The Park, Tech Noir, Monkey and Wet Pussy (oh er!), Queenie is, well, one hell of a deck queen.

Add her critically acclaimed iLabel compilations Private Party II and Secret Disco (“A soundtrack of delicate, sexy tunes that conjure up an illicit after hours gathering that should strictly be just for two, but hey, the more the merrier.”**** Dj Magazine), those Queenie dance music reviews and DJ profiles for Gscene Magazine, her vocal adventures with Goloka, her own band Xi-Xi and her ever unique presenting skills on Brighton’s RadioReverb 97.2FM for Queenie & Wildblood’s Home Service and you have a regal wonder who through love, passion and a knack for playing the perfect tune at the perfect moment has become a Brighton institution. A right regal institution. Long may she reign.


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