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Madge & Hubbell’s Tea Towel

The rumours are true. Our Madge and Hubbell are finally immortal. Not because they have raged war against some tortoiseshell avenger in our back garden or swallowed some forever eternal life dew destined to keep them purring forever. Nah. These pawed wonders have only made […]

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The Big Hawaii 1BTN fundraiser

A little piece of promotional artwork I did for 1BTN and The Big Hawaii! 1BTN Fundraiser.  To quote the disco powers that be at 1BTN “It’s the dawn of a new day and the beginning of another year in the life of us humans. 2019 is here and […]

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Queenie’s Bee-ing Me Tee

The last few exclusive Bee-ing Me T-shirts by Queen Josephine for GFW Clothing still available – grab them whilst the buzz is hot and make sure you look as sweet as honey (and other such selling t-shirt bee-based puns). Click here to buy for only […]

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