Queen Josephine is a right regal treasure. Cartoonist, DJ, vocalist and radio presenter her majesty has been making life more majestic for the souls of Brighton since her arrival here back in the late 80s. Always first to turn up and deliver, be it a cartoon commission, a magazine deadline, a club soundtrack or stunning vocals, she’s a true Brighton delight. Saucy, salty and always ready to surprise. And yes, like every majestic one she is adored by her public. Because no one can resist a queen. Not when their Queen is this fabulous.

Take a peek at Queenie’s world online and enjoy. Be it her cartoon adventures with Ouch House, Strip Service or her Scene Queens, the beats of her DJ career, the rich vocal harmonies and songwriting, the camp banter of her 1BTN show, or the regal lines she’s drawn over the past 55 years, this majestic one will deliver. However you take your Queenie, make sure you connect with Brighton’s finest and get some right royal wonders in your life. Queenie insists.

For cartoon commissions, illustration work, DJ, radio or vocal bookings please contact Queen Josephine here