Madge & Hubbell’s Tea Towel

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The rumours are true. Our Madge and Hubbell are finally immortal. Not because they have raged war against some tortoiseshell avenger in our back garden or swallowed some forever eternal life dew destined to keep them purring forever. Nah. These pawed wonders have only made it on to the Lost Cats Brighton tea towel courtesy of Queenie’s pen and ink. Forever infamous Brighton style. And raising some much needed funds for Lost Cats Brighton while they are at it. Famous and generous. That’s our tabbies.

To order your tea towel (and ensure we never hear the end of it) click here. No actual moggies were harmed in the making of this kitchen cloth. Honest.

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Wildblood and Queenie are exactly what it says on the tin. (Almost.) DJs, freelance journalists, cartoonist and queer writer who likes to wiggle, campaign and disco. Like they do.

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