Queenie feels the legendary love of DJ Claire Fuller

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We’ve survived January and are still coping with all the rubbish this crazy world seems determined to chuck at us. So it must be time for a bit of healing, particularly in February when Cupid’s set to twang that arrow. Yes – it’s the month of St Valentine, so who could be better to hear from again than the DJ you all adore? This month I feel the love with the Legendary award winning DJ Claire Fuller.

Hi there – how are you…. are you in the mood for love this Valentines? Hi, I’m good thanks, things are all moving in the right direction and I’m the happiest I’ve been for years! For valentines I have a gorgeous Lady in my life so I intend to make it very special. Plus we are off to Thailand and Australia in a few weeks so it’s going to be an amazing month!

You seem incredibly busy. Where can we see you playing this month and are you involved in any particular Valentines events? Wednesdays I DJ ‘Ice’ at Legends playing Chart/House/RnB. We recently started a new night at Legends playing 70’s/80’s/90’s every Thursday called ‘NOW! That’s what I call Legends’ and it’s been a massive success so far! Fridays I DJ in Uckfield at The Broadway club. Saturdays you can usually find me in Southampton at either the London Hotel or The Edge Club and on Sundays it’s back to Legends DJing at ‘Pop Candy’ playing all things pop, cheese and a bit of Disney!!

Is there one tune you’ll definitely be playing this Valentine’s and do you have a fave ‘love’ tune of all time? I’m not sure love tunes will go down well at Legends on Valentine’s Day haha but if I had to choose one I would probably play Christina Perry’s Thousand Years.

What would be your dream gig to play and what’s been your best gig during this month d’amour?? I think I ticked my dream gig box last year at Brighton Pride, having a massive tent full of people partying with me for hours on the Friday night in the Old Steine. Now I just dream of DJing abroad – that’d make me a very happy DJ!

Has there ever been a tune you’ve played and wished you hadn’t? Yeah anything grime, the clubs I work in just don’t like it and it totally kills my dance floor!

I know I’ve asked this before, but any guilty pleasures you’d like to share? DISNEY naturally!!

Describe yourself in three words! Honest – Friendly – Loyal

Fuller’s Fabulous February Five

Raye Decline (Wideboys House Remix) Universal Music Operations Limited

Charli XCX & French Montana Rob a Bank With David Guetta & Afrojack Dirty, Sexy, Money (Joe Stone remix) Parlophone / Warner Music

Armand Van Helden & Butter Rush I Need A Painkiller (Club remix) All Around The World Ltd

One Bit & Noah Cyrus My Way (Joe Reece Mylo remix) Ministry Of Sound Recordings

James Hype ft Kelli-Leigh More Than Friends (Elliot Kay Remix) Warner Music UK

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