Never lonely on the dancefloor with Lonesome M

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Fancy a change of rhythm to get you springing into March? Feel like doing some new dancefloor moves?? Well now’s the time to increase your repertoire with the wonderful DJ Lonesome M…..

Hi Lonesome, where can we see/hear you these days? I do a monthly night called Diablo at The Bee’s Mouth, Western Road. It’s a fantastically unusual venue – a bit like a trip down the rabbit hole into a world of eccentric décor and interesting clientele. The bar specialises in Belgian and craft beers which is great as I’m a total beer geek. Diablo is on the first Saturday of every month from 9pm and it’s free to get in.

You can also sometimes catch me guest-DJing at some of Brighton’s other rockabilly nights (Brighton Rumble Rockabilly Club, Rollin’ Dynamite, etc.). My own club night, Frockabilly, still exists, but only in the shape of one-off specials.

However, I also produce and present a weekly radio show – Frockabilly Radio – on Brighton’s Radio Reverb. As far as I know, it’s the only female-fronted rockabilly radio show on FM radio in the whole of Europe (possibly even the world…). The show goes out live every Wednesday night at 7pm.

How would you describe your djing style? I play rockabilly and rockin’ blues, mostly on 7” vinyl. Rockabilly has its roots in both hillbilly and rhythm & blues and was an early version of the rock ‘n’ roll that was later somewhat sanitised for  mainstream audiences. As many of my records are between just one and two minutes long my style tends to be fast and furious!

Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? At rockabilly clubs there are three main dances; The Jive, The Bop and The Stroll. A good DJ plays a mix of jivers, boppers and strollers throughout the night. If the dancefloor is empty, I normally throw on a few boppers – one of the ones that’s pretty much guaranteed to get some rockabilly boots a-stampin’ is Big River by Johnny Cash (my copy represents the best 10p I ever spent at a car boot fair!).

What’s been your best ever gig? When I first started Frockabilly I set out to do two things; open up the rockabilly scene to queer people, and open up the queer scene to a different kind of music. Over the past couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to play two brilliant gigs which made me feel I’ve achieved both those aims, at least in part. In 2014 I DJed at Europe’s biggest rockabilly festival – The Rockabilly Rave – and in 2015 I played at Brighton Pride. Perhaps music can change things…!

Tell us a secret! I’m not lonesome and my real name doesn’t begin with M.

Lonesome M’s fabulous five

Warren Smith I’ve Got Love if You Want It Sun

Alice Jayne meets The Sirocco Bros Hoo Doo Rollin Records

Jake Calypso & His Red Hot Call Me Baby Chickens Records

Charlie Hightone Hangover Blues Sleazy

The Deuces Wild I’m In a Whirl Speciality

Catch Lonesome M on RadioReverb

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Wildblood and Queenie are exactly what it says on the tin. (Almost.) DJs, freelance journalists, cartoonist and queer writer who likes to wiggle, campaign and disco. Like they do.

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